spring in igen

Like forks calling knives across sands of flagsWoody Brown river keeps calling me backWell she runs like a cheetah and melts fire when she singsHow I long to be dwarfed by here watery wingsTo the Woody Brown river I often would rideAnd stand at there banks and toss pebbles insideWatch the sky crack a laugh as it's sentences fellFor the Woody Brown river ran deep as a wellOh Woody Brown river you’re breaking me upA seashell just landed in my water cupAnd you’re always there waving from the back of my mindWith desperate hands that claim to be kindAnd Woody Brown eyes that render me blind So as forks beckon knifes across sands of flagsThe Woody Brown river’s breaking my backWhen you find the sunset you just crave the sunriseAnd I shall never sleep till I’ve slept in her thighs

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